Apr 29, 2022

It's time to find the right insurance for you. Minneapolis Insurance Specialists Team is an easy one stop shop! We represent AAA, Auto-Owners, Allstate, Progressive, Nationwide,Safeco, West Bend, and many other top rated insurance companies. We offer a wide range of insurance with specialists in every area. Home, Auto, Life and Health, we make sure your coverage is tailored fit for your needs.

We are a team of insurance agents and provide periodic reviews for our clients. We represent many insurance companies and sometimes one is a better fit for coverage and better prices. Periodic insurance reviews are essential to help you to check for any gaps in coverage and to determine if your policy's coverage is still relevant to your current financial situation.

We understand that changes happen since insurance policies have evolved over time. A recent study found that in 75% of cases, someone insured could lower or increase his premium by 40%, depending on what he purchases! With the improvement in mortality rates, people's longer life span, and since insurance companies are going to pay claims later, newer policies will be cheaper than older policies even though the people insured are older. Not to mention underwriting is now different compared to the past. With these reasons to keep in mind, people are now advised to make sure to go to insurance agents who do periodic reviews to clients.

Minneapolis Insurance Specialists Team is here for you and will certainly look after your insurance whether it’s assisting with claims, assessing protection or aiding in selecting new coverage as requirements change over time.

We live within the community; we know what affects people's lives both personally and financially - which means that when there are changes we can help make sure things stay smooth during any given situation.         


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