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One Less thing to Worry About with Encompass and the Minneapolis Encompass Agents
Homeowners Insurance & Auto Insurance—Combined for a Simpler Experience
The Encompass One -Policy packages your homeowners insurance and auto insurance into a combo auto and home package—and can even help protect your home-based business, collectibles and more. And with the Power of One—one deductible, one premium, one annual bill and one agent—you’ll enjoy a simpler, more convenient insurance experience with valuable insurance discounts.
This is one of if not one of the best packages available and the price is very competitive in MN right now.

Encompass insurance is available through an exclusive group of independent agencies, who work with multiple insurance companies to bring you personalized insurance solutions. Find out if an Encompass policy is right for you.

Encompass MPLS auto and home insurance
Encompass Insurance was voted best insurance company in 2014 by MN independent insurance agents.