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What is the advantage of using a local car insurance agency or car insurance broker?

┬áThere are many advantages. Here are just a few of the advantages…

A local independent insurance agent usually represents many companies – not just one. So, they would be able to get you multiple quotes. You won’t have to spend time dealing with a bunch of agents or filling out a bunch of applications.

Because they are local and compare quotes everyday they’ll know which ones will offer the best deal and how to get all the discounts that company offers.

The Minneapolis Insurance Specialists Team represents over 20 insurance companies. Start by filling out the easy quote form. It takes about 3-5 minutes.


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If you search online and fill out forms from companies that aren’t local there is a good chance your information will be sold to a bunch of agents and companies – from who knows where. The form maybe easy but, getting calls all day is not so easy. It can be a real pain and it can be difficult to know who to trust.

Many local agencies like the insurance specialists team have the ability to quote online or you can speak with a local agent or stop by the office.

Getting advice on your territory rating that only someone who lives and works in your area would know about is an advantage.

Learn how to save money by getting multiple policy discounts that are available for your situation

Having someone who knows the risks and possible coverages you need specifically that should be considered when obtaining a policy can’t hurt. Insurance agents are required to have an insurance license and required to get continuing education in their field.

It would be unlikely for them to make a mistake. They also have E&O errors and omission insurance to cover them if there ever were a mistake made. If you purchase online without an agent you become the agent. If you make a mistake like forgetting to add glass coverage or comprehensive coverage or you put too low of limits on your policy. It’s all on you.

Get answers when you need them when events happen – a local agent will have connections to all the best local repair shops. They’ll know who to contact if there are any claims issues, etc. Oh, and it doesn’t cost anymore to have an agent. It only saves the insurance company money. So, it’s kinda foolish not to use an agent a local car insurance agent.

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