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See what you could save – up to 30% extra!


Test drive Snapshot—and all the benefits of personalizing your insurance—in just 30 days.


Preview your projected discount after plugging in the Snapshot device, and watch as it evolves based on your latest driving.


See how often you slam on the brakes, how many miles you drive each day, and more.


Discover the best driver in your household … and shout it out to your social networks!


See your personalized Progressive rate and decide if you want to switch your insurance.

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Skip the trial and start Snapshot as a Progressive customer. You could save as much as 30% extra on top of our already low rates! Quote & Start Saving Call a Progressive agent at the Minneapolis insurance team.

Progressive is letting potential customers try Snapshot before they buy.  The snapshot discount can be up to 30%.  Call a Progressive agent for more details.

I tried snapshot and received a 28% discount.  My wife – look up back seat driver and see her picture – got 18%.

Question:  If I have Progressive will my rates go up if I try snapshot?   Answer: No

Of all our clients – I only know of one who didn’t get some sort of discount.  She is actually a Progressive agent with the Insurance Specialists Team.  She had too many hard brakes and people who have experienced her driving were not surprised.

Question:  Can they tell if we are speeding or measure speed?   Answer: No

It isn’t possible to know the posted speeds and believe it or not some data suggests speed is not a huge rating factor.  However,  hard braking, time of day, and miles driven are considered to provide some correalation and indications.

If you would like to try Snapshot – I suggest you do.  It’s easy to use.  You just plug it in.  The instructions come with the device.  It might take about a minute to install.  You could save significant money.  Our experience says odds are great that you will.  The data is kind of intresting and fun to look at and compare.

Call your Minneapolis Progressive agents 612-460-7796 if you have any questions or would like to sign up.  We can compare Progressive and our other carriers to see if you can save money.  We are agents for Progressive and other top rated companies – not just one.  It provides you a huge advantage and is the easiest  fast way to save.  You get the top local agents and the best company.  Try the snapshot either way.  30% can be a big discount.  I will also add a link.  So, you can do it online too.

Some other companies are now trying to come up with similar programs.  Progressive is a real leader in the auto insurance industry and is one of the reasons we represent Progressive here at The Insurance Specialists Team.






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Independent Progressive agents and brokers can offer products from many insurance companies. This helps them better serve your interests, as they can review multiple options to find a policy and rate that’s right for you. Insurance rates vary from company to company. Independent agents can put together a customized insurance plan for you.




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