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SR-22 is Not Required in Minnesota

SR-22 (the “SR” stands for “safety responsibility”) is a document that verifies that someone has automobile insurance. The SR-22 is prepared by an insurance company and then filed (by the insurance company) with the department of motor vehicles (DMV). The SR-22 is not an insurance policy. It is evidence that you have a policy. Minnesota does not require an SR-22 for DUI offenses. However if you have an SR-22 filing in another state, and move to Minnesota, you must maintain your SR22 in the state where it is required.

An SR-22 is a certificate from a state licensed insurance company, an eligible surplus lines insurer, or a risk retention group . The insurer certifies on the SR-22 ; that you have purchased liability insurance that meets the minimum required limits of coverage for that state, and files the certificate SR 22 Insurance with appropriate state Agency.An SR-22 is proof of “future responsibility” and is posted to your driving record.

Examples of When an SR-22 Certificate is Required

Most states require an SR-22 certificate be on file with DMV if:

You failed to provide proof to DMV that you have liability insurance;
You’ve been convicted of driving without insurance;
You’ve been involved in an uninsured accident;
You are applying for a hardship or probationary permit; or
At the time of reinstating your driving privileges following a DUII suspension.

Note: This is not a complete list of reasons why an SR-22 filing would be required.

Possible License Suspension

Most state laws requires you to keep an SR-22 in effect for 3 years from the ending date of a suspension requiring an SR-22 or for 3 years and 33 days from the date of a driving uninsured conviction.

If you are required to prove “future responsibility” by having an SR-22 on file with your State Agency, a copy of your insurance card is not acceptable. An insurance card is required by law to be carried in any vehicle operated on most State highways; an SR-22 certificate is required by law to be filed with the State agency, and is posted to your driving record.

These State agencies monitors compliance of your SR-22 requirement. If you let it lapse for any reason, the insurance company must notify that State agency,and your driving privileges will then be suspended.

If your driving privileges have been suspended because you did not get an SR-22 certificate and you later get insurance, be sure you do not drive until an SR-22 certificate is on file with DMV and your driving privileges have been reinstated. Please note that an SR-22 filing is made on the date it is received by DMV if it is received during regular business hours. An SR-22 filed with DMV must be an original, not a copy.

Out of State Filing of SR-22

You will probably need to file an SR-22 certificate with your home state, if you live out of state. Most states record all suspensions on a national computer system. Most state laws prohibits the governing agency from clearing the national system before all requirements are met, including an SR-22 filing. Most states check the national system prior to, or after issuing you a driver license. Most states will cancel or suspend your driving privileges if you are suspended in another state.

For information on which companies do business in your state you may contact your state insurance commisioner’s office, or your local motor vehicle state agency.

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