Life Insurance Costs for Smokers

Everyone knows – especially smokers – that cigarettes are expensive.  Below is an info graphic showing the cost of life insurance for smokers vs. non smokers.  Smokers die 10 years earlier and may really have a need life insurance.

Life Insurance QuotesAre you considered a smoker?


In the life insurance world, you’re considered a smoker if you answer “yes” to the smoking question on your insurance application. If you’re asked if you’ve used tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco, within a specified time frame – and you have – your answer should be yes. If you enjoy a good cigar from time to time or smoke just two cigarettes per year, you are considered a smoker. Occasional cigarette smokers and just a cigar once in a while are still considered smokers.

Are E cigarettes or” vaping” considered smoking?

National (life) underwriters , say as long as there is nicotine delivery, they’re going to keep the same stance, There is only one major life carrier that doesn’t – Prudential will allow nonsmoker rates for e-cigarette use.

There is still a lot of discussion and research going on in regards to E cigarettes and impact on health isn’t totally clear. However, it’s still an addiction and a cost. For that reason alone it doesn’t make much sense. Regardless of what E cig manufacturers and outlets biased and counter arguments are – there doesn’t seem to many positive benefits.

If you’re in excellent health and haven’t smoked in five years because that reduces your chances of dying sooner. Being just “normally healthy” requires that you haven’t used nicotine in the past three years and still gets you lower premiums. A standard rate requires that you have not used nicotine within the past year.

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