Things to do when you are in an accident

things to do when you are in an accident

Basic things to do when you are in an Accident…




Minneapolis car insurance, what to do in case of an accident.   Accidents can be scary and nobody likes to be in an auto accident. But it’s better to know what to do in case this happens to you, with your Minneapolis car insurance.

If you are ever in a car accident and you have to file an insurance claim. These are the basic things to do when you are in an accident…

1. Make sure everyone involved in the accident is alright and safe.  Including yourself.
In the case there’s a major injury, first thing you should do is call 911 or have someone else call.
If the accident is minor one, you should move the cars to a safe place and out of traffic.

2. After this call the police, the police can be reached at 311 which is non-emergency number, and 911 which is the emergency number.

3. Notify your insurance claims department immediately. You will be able to find their number in your proof of insurance. We can also help you in any case, call Minneapolis Insurance Team 612-469-7796


a. Don’t sign any document, unless it is issued by the police or your insurance agent

b. This can be a heated time – be polite and don’t tell anyone the accident is your fault

c. Be sure to Exchange insurance information with the other party involved in the accident

d. Take good notes about the accident

e. If you can – get witnesses names and numbers

f. Use your smart phone or camera If possible and take pictures

The Minneapolis Insurance Specialists Team is here to help you, if you need anything or have any questions on things to do when you are in an accident, please call us at 612-460-7796 or you can reach us at 763-263-0785

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