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Modern Insurance for Your Classic Car

Do you need the insurance for your prize Mustang, Camaro, Charger, Corvette, Thunderbird, or other collector car? Talk with an antique and classic car insurance specialist to identify the best combination of coverage, value, and price for you. We can help make sure your insurance continually meets your needs. 

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What Your Classic Car Insurance Will Cover

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The car insurance pays to repair your damaged vehicle in case of a collision or accident on the road.

Minneapolis Insurance Team, Minneapolis Car Insurance

Natural Disasters

It covers damages and expenses caused by natural disasters such as flood, typhoon, and earthquake.

Minneapolis Car Insurance, Minneapolis Insurance Team

Property Damage

Covers any damages caused by the policyholder to other people's properties or vehicles.

Minneapolis Insurance Team, Minneapolis Car Insurance


It pays for the fair market value of your car at time loss due to theft.

Minneapolis Insurance Team, Minneapolis Car Insurance

Bodily Injury Liability

Covers injuries that you, the policyholder, cause to someone else.

Minneapolis Car Insurance, Minneapolis Insurance Team

Personal and Passenger Injury

You can receive compensation for any injuries you or your passengers suffered in an accident.

Some Features You Should Look For Your Classic Car Insurance

Not all classic or antique cars are used the same, so Minneapolis Insurance Specialists Team will work with you to select the appropriate policy to accommodate coverage needs, miles driven, vehicle age, and vehicle modifications to make sure you have the best policy to meet your needs. 

  • Agreed Value

  • This means the provider will pay you the full (agreed to) amount in the event of a covered total loss, less any applicable deductible. This type of coverage is much better than “actual cash value” or “stated value” that you may get with some companies.

  • Low Rates

  • Why pay full-time insurance when you driver your collector car only part-time.

  • Roadside Assistance

  • Whether you’re down the street or on a classic rally through the mountains, you’ll want to find coverage that will flatbed your car to the closest qualified repair facility.

  • Coverage Options

  •  Not all collector cars are the same, so The Minneapolis Insurance Specialists Team can work with you to determine the right amount of coverage to meet your specific needs.

  • Generous Mileage

  • You’re proud of your collector car, so drive it. Not all insurance companies have a mileage limit, but most collector cars should be driven less than 5,000 annual miles to maintain their value.

Your Local Auto Insurance Agency

The Minneapolis Insurance Specialists Team represents over 20 insurance companies. 

Advantage of using a local auto insurance agency:

  • We represent many companies – not just one, so you can get multiple quotes in less time.

  • You will get insurance advice on your territory rating that only someone who lives and works in your area would know about

  • Learn how to save money by getting multiple policy discounts that are available for your situation

  • Licensed and certified agents will help you have comprehensive and affordable policy and will assist you when you make a claim

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    Independent agents from Minneapolis Insurance Team are here for you and will certainly look after your insurance — whether it’s assisting you with claims, assessing your protection, or aiding you select new insurance coverage as your requirements change.

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